Secured lending

PCB has many years of experience dealing with secured lending.  

We routinely accept instructions to deal with the mortgage formalities when our clients borrow from various banks with whom we have a close working relationship – or where we are members of a panel of approved law firms. We also act for many banks who prefer to instruct a separate law firm to independently act for them.

We understand not just the legal technicalities but also how banks operate to arrive at criteria acceptable to their credit and risk committees.

PCB helps banks entering the UK lending market both in terms of documentation but also by providing training and constant support and advice to the “back office” and recovery teams in many of the banks it works with.

Despite best efforts, systems and careful credit management, lending banks will inevitably encounter some borrowers who are unable to meet their obligations to the Bank.

When this happens PCB is able to advise the lender how best to manage the situation and when to consider taking possession of a property held by it as security and when it is best to appoint Receivers.